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Why Pre-Finish - The Five Key Benefits

The five key benefits to using prepaint can be summarized as follows:

Environmental - Hazardous material usage greatly reduced;
  environmental compliance costs greatly reduced; emissions greatly
  reduced or eliminated …
Production - Frees up valuable production space; eliminates bottlenecks
  and paint capacity issues; speeds up production processes; small batch
  production costs reduced; reduces final stage rejects …
Product - Coating uniformity; a whole host of different finishes and
  textures available; simple colour changeovers; durable proven systems …
Costs - Cost effective compared with most other forms of finishing;
  eliminates capital, inventory and space tied up with painting; reduces in-
  house energy costs; lowers insurance costs …
Health & Safety - Improves workplace environment; reduces risk of
  workplace accidents associated with hazardous materials; conformance
  costs reduced …
There are many reasons for changing over from your existing form of finishing, to pre-finished metals. Our development team has years of experience in helping companies assess their current costs and production problems. Once this has been done then we can help you choose the right product for your requirements and help incorporate it into your production.