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Certificates (requires acrobat reader)

ISO Certificate pdf (1.1 MB)

Product Information (requires acrobat reader)

AMD Perspectra Plus Fact Sheet
AMD Perspectra Plus Performance Specs.
AMD Prepainted Galvalume Fact Sheet
AMD Galvalume Plus Fact Sheet

USS 10000 Series
USS Metallic and Elite Series
USS 4mil Barrier Series
USS Barrier Series
Baycoat Perspectra Colour Chart

CSSBI Fact Sheet Prefinished Steel Sheet for Canadian Climates
CSSBI Fact Sheet Care and Maintainance of Prefinished Steel Buildings
CSSBI Fact Sheet Sheet Steel Gauges and Thicknesses
CSSBI Fact Sheet Prepainted Sheet Steel for Cladding
CSSBI Fact Sheet Natural Finish Metallic Coatings

Health & Safety (requires acrobat reader)

MSDS Prepainted Steel
MSDS Carbon and Zinc Coated
MSDS Galvalume
MSDS Aluminum Sheet



ArcelorMittal Dofasco www.dofasco.arcelormittal.com
US Steel Canada www.ussteelcanada.com
Tata Steel www.tatasteelamericas.com
CSSBI www.cssbi.ca
AISI www.steel.org
NCCA www.coilcoating.org